Free Course - Problem Solving And Decision Making

Start Time Jan 16, 2022 | 8:00 PM
End Time Jan 16, 2022 | 11:00 PM

Organizations thrive to early spot problems, track the causes, and make decisions to solve them. Bakkah presents to you a free course to discuss problem-solving and decision-making strategies that work best for the organization’s goals and vision. 

Problem-Solving And Decision Making Techniques Free course 

This interactive course provides a variety of creative problem-solving and decision-making tools and approaches, in which participants will learn to assess challenges and problems, produce innovative solutions, and choose the best solution for their needs. Participants will apply their learning and problem-solving skills on an interesting case in addition to the numerous activities and exercises provided throughout the training course where they will practice the various tools and techniques they have learned. 

What you'll learn in this problem-solving and decision-making Course

  • Create problem-solving strategies to assess your current problem-solving abilities and discover how to improve them in order to be more successful. 
  • Discover the real, underlying difficulties of a scenario and how to set priorities when everything appears important by using useful decision-making tools.  
  • Once you've identified and comprehended a problem, you’ll learn how to explore the benefits and drawbacks of various solutions as well as the methods to minimize risks. 
  • Use methods and tools (systematic process and fishbone diagramming) to discover the underlying cause of a problem. 
  • Use brainstorming, and several other creative thinking techniques to generate possible solutions to the problem. 
  • Identify the best choice from various options. 
  • Create an Action Plan to implement the appropriate solution 


It's always a good idea to invest time in improving your own problem-solving abilities. This can assist you in identifying problems, developing solutions, and putting your ideas into action. You can also demonstrate to potential employers that you're a self-starter who wants to improve by taking an online course.