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Exam is Available

CCMP™ Certification Training - Certified Change Management Professional

The certified change management professional – CCMP certification is a global certificate offered by ACMP®, Association of Change Management Professionals.

CCMP™ Certification Training helps professionals who tend to lead their organizations in transformation periods. The CCMP course empowers you to understand the methodologies and techniques that pave the way to adapt to change management.

CCMP certificate is a bestseller course that tackles change management accreditation according to the ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management©. So, CCMP helps you to adapt your teams to change and handles their change curves.

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This course includes:

  • Interactive Training Method
  • 100+ Practice Questions
  • Certified Trainer
  • Convenient Delivery Option
  • 24/7 Learner Support
  • Content Designed by Industry Experts
  • One Year Subscription

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What to Expect From This Course

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What to expect from this CCMP™ Certification Training?

The CCMP certificate equips you with the necessary knowledge to understand the change management process. It also includes the types of organizational change, the relationship between project management and change management, and how to apply a tailored change management process that fits your team dynamics.

By the end of this course, you will obtain the below objectives:  

  • Understanding the core of the CCMP course syllabus to apply the latest change management methodologies 
  • Acquiring a recognized certificate that validates your hands-on experience  
  • Holding CCMP certification proves your familiarity with the Standard for Change Management© 
  • Claim your CCMP Digital Badge from the ACMP Association of Change Management Professionals, to highlight your qualifications  
  • Standing out from the crowd in the competitive employment selection process 
  • Full understanding of the difference between VUCA & BANI world 
  • Assisting you to elevate your career and adapt to transformational changes in the workplace 

Who Needs the CCMP™ Certification?

Professionals who need the CCMP course vary between calibers from different fields, including HR and Project Management as shown below:

  • Change Managers in critical fields like HR, Project Management, quality assurance, and change management  
  • Change Leaders and those involved in business transformation  
  • Project management leaders who are responsible for ensuring adoption and realizing benefits.  
  • HR professionals who aspire to change management professional certification 
  • Training professionals working with teams on large-scale handling their changing cures 
  • Management specialists building change transformation processes  


Skills Acquired from this CCMP™ Training:

  • Flexibility when handling different changing and organizational transformations  
  • Assisting teams to adapt to expected changes inside the working environment 
  • Improving skillsets of risk management  
  • Assessing the effect of changes 

CCMP Online Training  

  • Duration: 8 Days 
  • Practice Questions
  • Group Activity (Break-out Session) after each lesson  
  • Access to additional References – CCMP Glossary/ Recommended Reading/ Change Management Syllabus  
  • The material language will be English  

All you need to know about the CCMP exam, including exam requirements and format, is shown below. 

CCMP Exam Prerequisite

CCMP Eligibility Education & Experience

A necessary educational degree of 4 years (or international equivalent) along with 3 years (4200 hours /36 months) of change management experience as a leader or practitioner.


A necessary educational level of secondary education, such as high school or international equivalent with 5 years (7000 hours /60 months) of change management experience as a leader or practitioner.

CCMP Eligibility Training:   

  • You must complete 21 hours of instructor-led change management training course in a program in the past 7 years, aligned with The Standard of Change Management. You can join qualifying courses whether they are listed on QEP (accredited by ACMP) or not.

CCMP Eligibility Essay Exam

  • You must answer 3 out of 5 essay questions to demonstrate your change management experience.
  • Each answer can be 500 words at most.

CCMP Exam Format

  • Objective testing  
  • CCMP exam contains 150 multiple choice questions, each worth 1 mark  
  • Each question has four options
  • The exam duration is 3 hours (180 minutes)  
  • CCMP exam will be a closed-book exam

Course Outline

  • Change is a Process
  • Relationship to Strategic Planning
  • Types of Organizational Changes
  • Relationship to Project Management
  • Organizational Change and Individual Change
  • Change Management Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organizational Alignment and Change Management
  • Define the Change
  • Determine Why the Change is Required
  • Develop a Clear Vision for the Future State
  • Identify Goals, Objectives, and Success Criteria
  • Identify Sponsors Accountable for the Change
  • Identify Stakeholders Affected by the Change
  • Assess the Change Impact
  • Assess Alignment of the Change with Organizational Strategic Objectives and Performance Measurement
  • Assess External Factors that May Affect Organizational Change
  • Assess Organization Culture(s) Related to the Change
  • Assess Organizational Capacity for Change
  • Assess Organizational Readiness for Change
  • Assess Communication Needs, Communication Channels, and Ability to Deliver Key Messages
  • Assess Learning Capabilities
  • Conduct Change Risks Assessment
  • Develop the Communication Strategy
  • Develop the Sponsorship Strategy
  • Develop the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • Develop the Change Impact and Readiness Strategy
  • Develop the Learning and Development Strategy
  • Develop the Measurement and Benefit Realization Strategy
  • Develop the Sustainability Strategy 
  • Develop a Comprehensive Change Management Plan
  • Integrate Change Management and Project Management Plans
  • Review and Approve the Change Management Plan in Collaboration with Project Leadership
  • Develop Feedback Mechanisms to Monitor Performance to Plan 
  • Execute, Manage, and Monitor Implementation of the Change Management Plan
  • Modify the Change Management Plan as Required 
  • Evaluate the Outcome Against the Objectives
  • Design and Conduct Lessons Learned Evaluation and Provide Results to
  • Establish Internal Best Practices
  • Gain Approval for Completion, Transfer of Ownership, and Release of resources



180 minutes






Online classes are delivered using our Learning Management System (LMS). We provide access to pre-course reading, pre-post assessment, chapter exercises, practice test, case studies and to additional references Glossary/Recommended Reading in our LMS.


Yes, there are group activities after each lesson where you can interact with other online students.

Generally Yes. But you always get confirmation of the session's date one week before the selected date, and based on that, communication is established with the registered participants.

To be eligible for the CCMP credential, an applicant is required to meet certain education, experience (professional years of experience as a change practitioner) and training requirements.

 Education: You need a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Training: You require 21 hours of instructor-led training in change management.


The course is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP®.








Upon completion, exam results are displayed right away at the test center. ACMP will also email you a copy of the results.


Yes, if you do not pass on the first attempt, you may retake the exam up to two additional times within the one-year window. There is a re-examination fee for members and non-members.


Upon approval of your application, you have one year to schedule, take and pass the exam.


Bakkah has an array of certified practitioners with several years of teaching.


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