What makes a good trainer? - Full Guide to be an effective trainer

What makes a good trainer? - Full Guide to be an effective trainer

Written By : Bakkah

15 Jan 2024

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Over the past decade, and because of the huge cognitive and technological development; competition between companies has hastily increased. Therefore, companies are constantly looking for solutions to face this crushing competition. Considering training as the most important variable in the confrontation process, what is the role of trainers?

Trainers are responsible for the future growth and performance of their company. Wherefore, they should work diligently to improve what they consider to be their more challenging areas. Certainly, there is no specific prescription for making great trainers. However, there are some characteristics and behaviors that great trainers do whenever they are giving a training session. Great trainers should at least have one of the following in common:

Trainers characteristics

1. The Kind of Character:

By this, we mean that a trainer should have a charisma because no one will be interested in listening to a boring dud. He should be nice, kind, cheerful, energetic as the trainer’s energy is contagious; it positively affects the energy of participants, his movement, variation in tone of voice and dynamic activities are all reasons behind increasing energy level. Having a positive sense of humor will grab attention and will sustain the interest of participants. Also a good trainer is one who is able to make his subject as simple as possible.

2. The Kind of Comprehension:

It is all about knowledge and experience. A good trainer should have a great knowledge in his field. He should always be well prepared and competent. Preparation has two aspects, individual preparation and venue preparation. Being individually prepared requires a session plan to be developed in advance. This includes the outlines the topics will cover, learning methods, materials required, timings for each topic and examples or stories to share. Venue preparation includes all logistical arrangements concerning participants from seating plans to coffee breaks, room temperature and lighting. On the other hand, a competent trainer is a qualified trainer.

3. The Level of Creativity:

Being creative means using different methods and techniques during the training session. It is the art of making presentations, using different colors, font size, graphic design and charting. The most successful trainers are those who think creatively so they can go beyond obvious solutions and find innovative, cost-effective ways to help people learn.

4. Conceptualization He/She Has:

The trainer’s ability to imagine or visualize the training course is one of the most important aspects in the training process. When a trainer uses his imagination, he will apply the theoretical principles practically. A trainer should be inspiring in order to influence participants’ thoughts and feelings towards improving their performance. A trainer should imagine or visualize whatever he thinks will benefit the trainees.

5. The Type of Conduct:

it means the art of communicating with others. It is vital to have the necessary qualifications that will let the trainer be able to communicate his knowledge verbally, non verbally, and in writing to an audience effectively! Some trainers lose the respect and interest of their audience despite their superior knowledge because they lack the confidence and the communication skills to connect with their trainees. We believe that the most effective trainer is the one who truly enjoys communicating.On the other hand, the desire to share knowledge is a sensitive point. Many people avoid sharing their knowledge with others for many reasons. However, Successful trainers don’t hide away in cubicles; they engage with others to share ideas and solve problems so that the training programs they provide meet participants’ needs and the organization’s goals.

To conclude, trainers are an important part of any company. And being a trainer is not an easy thing. A trainer should be aware of making a balance between giving information in a training session and getting the audience to participate.


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