10 Project Management Books for Beginners -Check them now!

10 Project Management Books for Beginners -Check them now!

Written By : Bakkah

3 Jun 2024

Project management is crucial for coordinating resources across departments and ensuring project success. Ten recommended project management books for beginners cover essential principles and methodologies. From Greg Horine's comprehensive guide to Jack Ferraro's real-life stories, each book offers valuable insights.

Andreas Scherer's narrative introduces critical chain management, while Jeff Sutherland explores the Scrum method. Steve McClatchy focuses on decision-making, Terry Schmidt provides practical tools, and Scott Bercon offers engaging strategies.

David Allen's book emphasizes productivity, Paul Roberts highlights project management techniques, and the Project Management Institute's guide covers essential skills. These resources collectively equip beginners with the knowledge and tools for effective project management.

Project management is a field that helps in organizing and managing resources of key departments like human resources. It enables the completion of the project with respect to its specific content and takes into account the factors of quality, timing, and cost.

10 Project Management Books for Beginners

If you are interested in this field you could read project management books for beginners we will discuss in this article.

1. Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide 

by Greg Horine

One of the most important books in the project management field, this book takes you on a tour inside the project and explains what works and what doesn’t work.

The guide is certainly suitable for both experienced and experienced project managers, but it hasn’t real examples for projects.

You can say that this book is an easy way to project management, starting from budget and schedule and execution. Also, you can learn more about managing teams and gain more experience. You can read more reviews on Goodreads

2. Project Management for Non-Project Managers

by Jack Ferraro

This book contains real stories from the author’s stories in the project management field and contains the methods and processes that help you to have success in your project.

This book helps functional managers enter the project management field and learn more about project management skills, such as business analysis techniques, detailed work structures, software sequencing techniques, and risk management methods.

Successful managers don’t know more about their role in the failure and success of projects in their institutions.

3. Be Fast or Be Gone: Racing the Clock with critical chain management 

By Andreas Scherer

This book talks about Mike Knight, CEO of a semi-transportation company, who comes to the news of his 8-year-old son suffering from a rare type of brain cancer, and that the hope of curing him is in a drug called supragrel, but this drug is still undergoing clinical tests

It may come to light too late, but Mike faces a great challenge and is forced to leave his company and work in the company that produces the drug in an attempt to save his son and put the drug on the market more quickly

 Mike tries to save his family and keep it together and does his best to get the medicine out faster.

 The book demonstrates critical chain project management, a method for managing critical projects very quickly and with extreme precision.

 This story shows a new project management method and helps in solving crises quickly and accurately.

 You can also read reviews about the book on Goodreads.

4. Scrum: The Art of Doing Work Twice in Half the Time

by Jeff Sutherland

This book explains an effective way to accomplish tasks in project management, which is the Scrum method, which enables the task to be completed twice in less time. It provides a great illustration in many disciplines such as robotics, martial arts, judicial decision-making, air combat, and others.

Reading this book will help you learn how to achieve what is believed to be unattainable.  Whether in company management or building modern technology, if you are looking to manage any type of project, you should read it. 

5. Decide: Work smart, reduce stress, and lead by example 

by Steve McClatchy

The author works with Fortune 1000 companies and helps departments improve their performance and take it to the next level.  By working well, relieving stress, and activating role models until they become project managers into the best managers. 

The book provides tips on how to make decisions, raise the level of the organization, and how to manage successfully. 

Reading this book will help you make better decisions and manage projects more accurately and flexibly. 

6. Managing Strategic Projects Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams

by Terry Schmidt

The author of this book is considered a world-renowned management consultant, as the book helps you to manage projects elaborately and dynamically and develop a simplified plan for them. 

This book provides a specific framework for managing projects efficiently and explains how to make the right decisions that affect organizations. It also presents a method for how to manage projects to achieve the desired goals and support decision-making.


7. Making Things: Mastering Project Management 

by Scott Bercon

It is considered the bestseller in this field, as it discusses important topics related to the field in an entertaining way that is not boring for the reader. 

The book outlines the challenges that project managers have to overcome and confront, as well as 50 project management blueprints. 

This is a very useful book for anyone who wants to identify and apply the right skills and tactics to help them face problems.  It is an easy book. 

8. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity 

by David Allen

This book Called Lifehack "the bible for Business and personal productivity," is one of the most effective books in this field. 

It does not talk directly about the organization and management of projects, but it shows you ways to organize and get rid of confusion at work and get the best way to work. 

Project managers should read this book, which helps to organize time and get orderly work. 

9. The Project Management Handbook: Doing Right and Delivering Lasting Benefit

 by Paul Roberts

This is a useful book for project managers who want to achieve quick benefits and results. It helps them. 

Where this book provides examples of auditing in project management, as well as an explanation of the basic techniques and principles of project management and their importance in project management. 

This book provides examples of successful projects that almost failed in the beginning, so it will help project managers a lot. 

10. Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 

by the Project Management Institute

The Special Projects Management Authority discusses project management business documents and essential skills for success in the labor market, focusing on the commercial and strategic scoop.

The book includes new sections on project management techniques and how to incorporate these approaches into project settings.

This book is an extensive and very practical read for those interested in learning more about the field of project management and how to deal with it. 

Finally, if you are a beginner in the field of project management, you can read the project management books above and you will find what success models you aim for as well as many ways to manage your project and get it to safety.


For beginners entering the field of project management, these recommended books offer a wealth of knowledge and insights into various methodologies, strategies, and best practices. From understanding fundamental principles to mastering specific techniques like Scrum or Critical Chain Management, these books cater to different learning preferences and provide valuable resources to navigate the complexities of project management. Whether aiming for success models, learning effective decision-making, or honing organizational skills, these books collectively equip beginners with the tools needed to manage projects efficiently and effectively.