What is Lean Six Sigma Certification And Importance in 2024?

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification And Importance in 2024?

Written By : Bakkah

15 Jan 2024

What is the lean six sigma Certification?

The Lean 6 Sigma certificate is a specific methodology for problem-solving and business quality improvement within the organization. The main objective of this certificate is to enable individuals to develop processes within the organization and to explore and minimize mistakes as much as possible. The Lean 6-sigma system identifies problems, measures them, and then analyzes them to identify their causes and try to solve them.

The Lean Six Sigma program is divided into several different levels of experience called belts. Each belt has a specific color: the yellow belt, the green belt, the black belt, and the master black belt.

In spite of all the advantages that lean six sigma has and shares with other certifications, there are other reasons why you should attend it in special.

What is the Importance of lean six sigma Certification?

1. Helping the organization to explore and reduce mistakes with developing business processes

Acquiring lean six sigma skills helps the organization gain more revenues and reduce losses by knowing mistakes and trying to avoid and reduce them until it becomes almost negligible mistakes. Many international companies such as GE, Sony, Honda, Ford, and Polaroid have implemented the lean six-sigma approach, also they’ve acknowledged its effectiveness and how it helped them to save millions of dollars.

The individual after acquiring these skills is expected to obtain stable results after eliminating the repeated mistakes in the institution and thus developing the institution in general. In addition to that, individuals with lean six-sigma are expected to conduct a full review of the organization's practices to have a full understanding of the impact of these practices on the overall performance of the company.

2. The possibility of obtaining jobs in many areas and at higher wages

The lean six Sigma certificate makes it easy to find a job, and it also qualifies you for an excellent job in several areas of IT, security, healthcare, banking and investment. This is due to the increased need for qualified individuals with lean six sigma certificates to work in various institutions.

According to a study conducted by Indeed.com in the United States, the salaries of individuals with a lean six sigma certificates may reach 117,000$ per year, and the average salary is 100,000$ per year, which is one of the highest wages in the world.

3. Helping in improving the relationship of the institution to its customers

The main objective of the Lean Six Sigma certificate is to upgrade the institution. Lean Six-sigma is considered as a mean to increase the efficiency of the institution, so the individual who has acquired it must be able to apply the acquired skills in order to improve the relations of the institution with its clients, try to solve their problems, and reduce the number of their complaints.

4. Acquiring professional experience in quality management

The Lean Six Sigma certificate is one of the few certificates in its training program that trains individuals practically in industrial journals with applying theoretical science to real life situations. Thus, the individual who has a Lean Six Sigma certificate is an individual who is really ready to work; because he has acquired many experiences even before entering the labor market.

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