Axelos ProPath - AXELOS ProPath Project Expert Full Guide

Axelos ProPath - AXELOS ProPath Project Expert Full Guide

Written By : Bakkah

11 Jun 2024

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The organizational change in projects and programs is currently subject to new pressures and obstacles that did not exist before, the Axelos ProPath is a suite of professional certifications and has been designed to handle projects in the light of the difficulties found in today's VUCA world.

Organizations seeking to recover and thrive need to be able to respond quickly to constant change and compete aggressively in unstable markets. This increases their need for qualified experts and leaders to overcome the obstacles they face and provide the critical skills and frameworks needed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and exploit investment opportunities.

What is AXELOS ProPath

AXELOS has launched the new AXELOS® ProPath certification scheme, which combines leading project, program, and portfolio best practice certifications. It encompasses proven methods and frameworks for planning and directing change, monitoring progress, taking corrective action, and aligning work with an organization’s strategic objectives. AXELOS has conducted extensive research with coaches and end-users to create the required assignments and provide a clear professional development journey for professionals involved in project, program, and portfolio management.

What does AXELOS ProPath Comprise of? 

There are three AXELOS ProPath paths to choose from: 

  • AXELOS® ProPath Project Expert. 
  • AXELOS® ProPath Agile Project Expert. 
  • AXELOS® ProPath Program Leader. 

Each track consists of a specially selected set of AXELOS best practice qualifications. Step-by-step, with one certification at a time, ProPath builds skills that lead to great results.  

AXELOS ProPath Project Expert: 

This Path is aimed at project management professionals who are looking for a comprehensive view of their projects. It includes many testimonials that help maximize profits while managing risks. The three certifications within this classification are:

  1. PRINCE2® 6th edition: PRINCE2 Practitioner enables you to manage the project in an efficient and successful manner from the starting point of the project to the end of the project, on time and on budget.
  1. Managing Successful Programs (MSP®) 5th edition: The MSP practitioner develops the skills of project managers, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes according to the goals of the organization, and the certificate of successful program management provides a broader perspective to successfully manage programs.
  1. Management of Risk (M_o_R®) 3rd edition: In a VUCA world, risk management is important in ensuring a project or program is delivered on time and within scope. M_o_R helps candidates identify, assess and control risk across the organization. 

AXELOS ProPath Agile Project Expert:

This path combines PRINCE2 Agile®, M_o_R, and MSP but differs from the Project Expert path, in that you must obtain a PRINCE2 Agile certification instead of PRINCE2 6th edition.  AXELOS ProPath Agile Expert provides the guidance to help maximize benefits and manage risks, with agile delivery techniques. 

AXELOS ProPath Program Leader:

Through this path, you can manage all the complexities of your project or program with the ability to control the impact of risks and maintain alignment with the strategy. It consists of:

Combining the rigor of P3O with the big-picture focus of MSP and M_o_P, the AXELOS ProPath Program Leader route will allow senior professionals to demonstrate leadership that inspires and delivers change to the organization. 

This path is aimed at professionals who wish to increase their ability to manage multiple projects and programs and M_o_P focuses on achieving strategic goals by providing updates on how to apply principles and techniques that help make change successful in the organization, along with its business as usual (BAU).

P3O®MSP®, M_o_R®, and MoP® are effective in providing a single information source and support for individuals or organizations wishing to set up an effective delivery support office. 

AXELOS® ProPath Certified Portfolio Director

It is the ultimate designation in Project, Program, and Portfolio Management. With this industry-leading endorsement behind them, a Certified ProPath Portfolio Manager will act as a key player for change within his/her organization; They use their substantial experience to plan, direct, monitor, and correct the course of change and to ensure exceptional results for the organization and for itself. 

Only agile survive in today’s ever-changing business environment. Keeping up with the ever-changing markets requires experts and leaders on the project and the programs who are adaptable and well-qualified to identify and direct the right kinds of change and improvement to overcome challenges and complexities. 

With AXELOS ProPath, professionals control their career journey and continuous advancement through the continuous development of their knowledge and skills along the way. The clear structure of the blueprint makes it easy to define and follow a path in whatever area that industry professionals choose to lead projects and programs.

AXELOS has created AXELOS ProPath as a clear pathway to benefit best practice-certified professionals and their organizations. This fourth path will be introduced towards the end of 2021. 

Develop professional skills with Axelos ProPath

This term refers to the ongoing need to develop the professional skills of those working in the organization. Periodically, project and program managers must have the ability to think beyond their immediate duties and responsibilities, as well as provide a comprehensive perspective to assess the impact of change processes on the organization.

This means that project managers practicing a single skill set are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of today's organization. There is an urgent need to have the skills needed to meet the pace of change and to continuously develop their skills in the constant flux of making sustainable improvements.
AXELOS ProPath is designed to provide a step-by-step development framework for the best skills and practices specifically geared toward effectively implementing the change process in organizations.